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A Drop of Pretty Poison

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Title: A Drop of Pretty Poison

Series: The Pretty Poison Trilogy, Book 2

Release Date: March 30th, 2023

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They say that when a love burns too bright, it’s bound to burn out—especially those wrapped in secrets and doused in lies.


After a risk is taken and a confession is made, one relationship heats up while another hangs in the balance. When everything rests on shaky ground, we find the stability we need tangled up in each other. Guards are let down and trust is repaired, but all vulnerability comes with a side of weakness. And the betrayal that hits us is one we never saw coming.


Revenge is a dangerous game, especially when fueled by jealousy. We’ll do whatever it takes to protect our own, even if it means seeking help from unlikely sources. While every favor comes at a price, choices made in distress have a tendency to backfire.


As our world comes crashing down around us, loyalties are put to the test. Nothing should be able to shatter the promises we made, but there’s a fine line between tenacious and toxic.


Someone should’ve warned us that even a drop of pretty poison will spread until all that’s left are shattered pieces and broken memories.

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