Awakened in September


Title: Awakened in September

Series: The Sleepless November Saga #4

Release Date: June 12, 2019

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"You fell in love, and it wasn't with the girl you were supposed to."

Holden Rivers seems to have it all. He's a starting player on the university hockey team. He's being looked at as the top prospect to become president of his fraternity next year. He has girls lining up to date him. Things couldn't get any better than this - or could they?


Enter Kayleigh Jacobs, a shy little freshman with a whole load of emotional baggage. Now, Holden has never been the kind to want anything serious. His motto is essentially to stay as blocked off as possible. "You can't get hurt if you don't give them the power to hurt you." However, the day Holden's eyes land on Kayleigh, his entire world shifts.


You've read Kayleigh's side of things. This is Holden's.