Change My Game

Change My Game Cover.jpg

Title: Change My Game

Series: North Haven University #2

Release Date: January 7, 2021

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My name is Jace London,

And I may have screwed up.


I’ve always been the guy who had it all.

Privilege, entitlement, and a life of luxury.

But after one college night gone tragically wrong,

Nothing has ever been the same.


Everyone thinks I should be happy.

With a trust fund like mine, who could be sad?

But no one knows what’s going on with me,

Or the nightmares that keep me awake at night.


I finally found salvation in a parent’s worst nightmare.

The only thing to ease the pain just enough to breathe.

My friends are worried I’m going to ruin myself.

What they don’t realize, is I’m already dead inside.


Now they’re ready to pull out all the stops,

Including a therapist that gets paid an ungodly price.

No amount of money can bring back the guy I was,

But the girl that got away might be enough to try.


Gorgeous, strong, and confident to a fault.

If anyone can save me from myself, it’s her.