Returning to Rockport


Title: Returning to Rockport

Release Date: November 29, 2019

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He was the one I wanted for as long as I could remember.



Sex on legs.

And completely off limits – until he wasn’t. My brother’s best friend took my first kiss, my virginity, my heart. He took it all until I had nothing left. Then, he shattered me into a million pieces.

Thank God for college. It was my ticket out of the small town and everything that reminded me of him.

Unfortunately, you can only stay away so long and it seems four years is my limit. I’m moving back to start a life with my new fiancé. The only thing I need to do is simple…

Keep my attention on the engagement and off my ex.


Ever since I was ten, she followed me around like a lost little puppy.




Then she grew up.

Adorable turned to Gorgeous.

Sweet turned to Sassy.

Lovable turned to Irresistible.

I did my best to stay away – until I couldn’t. A wild and heated summer with my best friend’s little sister was the most amazing time of my life. Then, like I do with everything else, I screwed it all up.

After four years of being completely unreachable to me, she’s finally home again. The only problem is she's engaged to someone else. Regardless, I've worked hard to make myself successful and I'm a man of means. I now have a new mission...

Get her back in my arms where she belongs.