The Rebel

The Rebel.jpg

Title: The Rebel

Series: Haven Grace Prep, #3

Release Date: June 18, 2020

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I don’t play by the rules.

Never have, never will.


The second our eyes met from across the club,

I could feel a shift in the air—an overwhelming pull drawing me in.

One mind-blowing night is all it was, or so I thought.


Repeating my senior year may not have been the plan,

But finding out my one-night stand is my new teacher—

That’s something I never saw coming.


His gaze bores into me with the same intensity.

That body, those hands, I remember every touch.

I should stay away, but I don’t want to.


This time, all bets are off.

I’ll let him think he’s in control,

Until I bring him to his knees.


Passion and fire,

Forbidden and wrong.

Like I said, I don’t play by the rules.