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Waste My Time

WMT Discreet Ebook.jpg

Title: Waste My Time

Series: North Haven University #4

Release Date: July 8th, 2021

Read Now:

My name is Easton Donovan,

and I massively screwed up.


I should’ve given her the world.

Should’ve been everything she deserves.

Instead, I broke her like every promise I’ve ever made.


The darkness tells me to let her go.

Memories of my past keep me from letting her in.

Someone should tell her that loving me is a losing game.


Just being around her is a high I’ve never known.

If she knows what’s good for her, she’ll cut me off.

Given the chance, I’ll ruin her the way I’ve done to others.

But with the bomb she just dropped, she’s here to stay.


She’s flawless innocence.

I’m toxic destruction.

And the selfish part is, I need her.


Truth be told, Kennedy Lehigh could be the one to save me from myself.

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